Natural Stone Sidewalk

Retaining Wall Design

A retaining wall design is a functional hardscape installment that serves many practical and aesthetic purposes. DRMP designers often integrate retaining wall features in their projects both from necessity and for the interest they add. Benefits to including a retaining wall in your landscaping

Benefits of Retaining Wall Design Installation

  • Soil erosion and shift prevention. Gravity, water, and settling can cause the earth to slide into the property or against the home. This shift can ruin existing landscaping or cause foundation damage. A retaining wall stops this erosion and protects your home and yard.
  • Flood damage protection. Heavy rains will wash away top soil and create runnels in your yard. Retaining walls manage this runoff to keep the soil in place and your yard smooth.
  • Creation of leveled areas. Steeply graded yards benefit from the addition of retaining walls that create flat areas for living spaces, playgrounds and gardens. DRMP Concrete understand that even yards with little slope can be enhanced with a retaining wall.
  • Improved aesthetics and use. Retaining walls can be key landscape elements as focal points, benches, planters or steps. They can be integrated into decks and outdoor kitchens to seamlessly protect your home from erosion while adding to its functionality and beauty.

Lime Stone Retaining wall

limestone retaining wall

Limestone is light in color and is not a heavy stone in terms of weight. There are also various types of limestone. Fond Du Lac limestone is a very white stone and has a uniform shape. Chilton limestone has blue and red tints to it but has more imperfections from splitting than most stones. Limestone costs less than granite

Stone Sitting Wall with Cap

stone sitting wall

There are many types of custom stone wall designs available, so it’s important to choose one suitable for that outdoor steps you want to create. You also want to choose stone that complements your yard and home.

Natural Stone Sitting Wall


Natural stone is a generic term for any quarried and cut stone that is used for construction purposes. The actual types of stone include granite and various kinds of limestone which all have slightly different aesthetic differences.

Boulder Wall


Another method of using natural dry stone as retaining walls results in the use of boulders to hold back ground. This kind of wall depends on the very weight of the boulder itself for stability. However, this method should not be considered as solid as a more traditional retaining wall.The boulder allows for a natural barrier to hold back imported topsoil. This elevation ensures the root crown and much of the root zone itself is adequately drained for the average landscape plant to survive

Red Brick Steps


Chilton wall stone is very popular and colorful wall stone. Great for stone retaining walls or small garden walls. A very popular stone with grey base tones with pink, blue, green, and buff accents. They are specially selected from the cracks and seams in the rock where minerals from above have leeched down to stain the stone.  The sides are generally in buffs, rusty reds, and in to burgundy tones.


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